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Service Packages 

You can count on Church's Piano Service to not only meet but exceed all your needs and requests. We currently offer two types of service packages, Basic and Advanced. The Basic Package is a standard tuning service with some additional maintenance and is recommended for those who have had their piano serviced on a regular basis. Our Advanced Package not only encompasses the Basic Package but also includes a deep cleaning, minor repairs, voicing, and regulation. The Advanced package is recommended every 5 - 10 years or for those who have inherited a seasoned piano. Let's work together and discover how great your piano can be.

Basic Service  - $165

The Basic Service Package includes a fine tuning of your piano, with minor repairs, and a few other adjustments for increased piano playing experience. The basic service appointment is recommended for those who have been maintaining their piano on a regular basis. Service includes:

  • Tuning

  • Tighten plate bolts & bench legs

  • Minor cleaning

  • Regulation of the Pedals

  • Touch up regulation adjustments

  • Assessment of the Piano’s Condition


As with all of our services you get our Peace of Mind Guarantee!

*This does not include a pitch raise, referenced below

Piano Lesson

Advanced Service- $330

The Advanced Package is a service designed to enable the piano to play and feel incredible. Along with performing the standard tuning and service work, we regulate a portion of the action and perform a deep clean. Cleaning consists of scrubbing each key, removing rust from strings, and much more. We use Corey cleaning products; specific cleaning products designed for pianos. This service is recommended every 5-10 years, and enhances the player's enjoyment of and ability to play the instrument. Service Includes:

  • Tuning

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Minor Repairs

  • Regulation of the Pedals

  • Assessment of the Piano’s Condition

  • Minor Regulation & Voicing 


As with all of our services you get our Peace of Mind Guarantee!

*This does not include a pitch raise, referenced below

Image by Bundo Kim

Pitch Adjustment - $165

If your piano hasn’t been tuned in two years or more, there is a good chance your piano is eligible for a Pitch Adjustment.

If a piano is not regularly serviced, over time it can adjust its pitch so greatly that the piano will need to be tuned multiple times to correct the pitch.

A Pitch Adjustment is usually assessed and discussed on the day of your appointment. If your piano is eligible for a pitch adjustment, we will do a coarse tuning during your initial appointment. Depending on the severity we will schedule a follow-up service two or three weeks later for a final tuning.

Image by Morgan Von Gunten

Player Pianos- 225+

Pneumatic and other player pianos are in decline. Currently we do not service the player portion of these pianos. We do however tune them.


Due to the difficultly of tuning these pianos we start our price at $225, this is subject to change depending on your player type.


If you have any questions on your player please call us. 260-527-2505 

Teacher Playing Piano

Schools, Churches, and Nursing homes

We believe in investing in our community, that is why we offer a 10% discount to all schools, churches, and nursing homes.

The HVAC systems in public building buildings must replace the air in a room often, which makes humidity very hard to control. This can be very hard on pianos.


We recommend that churches and nursing homes have tunings at least twice per year if they do not leave their climate control systems on all week.

Schools can typically function with one tuning per year unless they have an advanced piano program, then tuning is recommended at 2-4 times per year.

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