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Piano Repair Services

We can help service and repair all types of pianos. Whether you've got a sticking key or you're not even sure what is wrong - we can help you identify, fix and get your piano repaired so it's sounding better than it ever has before.


List of Piano Repairs we offer


  • Basic Tuning

  • Advance Package

  • Pitch Adjustment


Miscellaneous repairs    

  • Action removal

  • Action Cleaning

  • Tighten all screws

  • replace spinet stickers


Action Regulation            

  • adjust let off

  • adjust lost motion

  • key level and dip


Hammer, Shanks and Flanges     

  • Replace broken shank

  • Replace Flange

  • Shape Hammers

  • Replace a set of hammers

  • replace all hammer butt springs



  • Glue keytops

  • replace plastic top/sharp

  • replace ivory keytop

  • bush set of balance rail

  • new keytops

  • new set of plastic sharps

  • recover all back checks

  • new set of back checks



  • replace/repair damper

  • replace set of damper felts

  • regulate set of dampers

  • bush damper guide rail

  • replace back action


Strings and Pins

  • Replace treble string

  • Replace bass string

  • repin piano

  • restring and repin piano



  • replace snap-on elbow

  • glue loose jack

  • replace jack spring

  • replace set of bridle straps


Plastic Action Replacement         

  • Wippens

  • hammer butt flanges

  • damper flanges



  • epoxy cracked bridge

  • repair cracked bridge

  • recap bass bridge

  • restring and repin piano

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