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Piano Tuner Tools

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

If you ever wanted to know what is in a piano tuner tools bag go no further! In this post, I will break down the essential piano tuner tools I use daily.

Tuning Fork

Tuning forks have been the way of piano tuning until fairly recently. If you tune a piano fully by ear you will be using a tuning fork usually set to the frecency of A400hz. There are a couple of schools of thought for what note to start with, C being one, but for our purposes, I'll use what I was taught. Once you strick the tuning fork you compare the sound to A4 on the piano and listen to the contrasting "beats ." As you are moving the tuning pegs you are trying to match the two frequencies to be in unison. After you have accomplished this you will go into the tuning process. I typically do not use a tuning fork every day as I primarily use an electronic tuner to set my temperament and read the higher and low areas of the piano. But it is always good to have one handy if your electronic tuner fails.

Electronic Piano Tuner or EPT

There are two main ways piano tuners tune. Tuning forks or an electronic piano tuner. There are many tuners out there and they are not created equally. If you are going to tune pianos you really need to get an electronic tuner. It is important to have aural skills as you do all your double checks but your speed goes up exponentially. There are three main piano tuning software (that I'm currently aware of); TuneLab, CyberTuner, and Verituner. Each one of these varies in price but essentially do the same thing. They take an audio sample from your piano and formulate octave stretches for your piano. Once you have gone through the process you go through the process of tuning your piano. Electron Piano Tuners are particularly great for pitch adjustments. They have settings to help you figure out how much overpull you need for each note as you try to brin the piano back up to A440.

Tuning lever/ tuning hammer

Piano Mutes

Piano Cleaners


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