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What's in your Piano?

Cleaning your piano is essential to the health of your piano and to yourself. Church's Piano service recommends getting your piano fully cleaned once every 3 years.

Unlike furniture in your home that gathers dusts, your piano gathers dust within the keys and other hard to reach places. Because the complexities of the piano it is not recommended to deep clean your piano without seeking professional assistance, doing so will ensure that no damage is done to your piano.

Without continued piano care dust could be the least of your problems. Mice can be another issue for pianos that aren't service regularly. Mice will move in to the key bed under the keys, leaving urine and other undesirable things behind. Not only will this potentially damage your piano but it can be a detriment to your health if unchecked.

So if you have not serviced your piano in an extended period of time or you recently purchased a used piano, we would recommend that your get a deep clean from Church's Piano Service. Book today!

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